Roofing Siding Services in Maine

Professional Maine Roofing Services

We offer many roofing services to Maine homeowners, but we offer a few additional services as well:

  • New Roof Construction Maine
  • Roof Replacement and Re-Roofing Maine
  • Metal Roof Installation Maine
  • Metal Roofing Repairs Maine
  • Roof Maintanence Plans Maine
  • Vinyl Siding Maine
  • Energy Saver Windows Maine
  • Roof Cleaning Maine
  • Ice Dam and Snow Removal Maine
  • Roof Inspections Maine
  • Maine Roofing Contractors
  • Roof Replacement Maine
  • Roofing Shingle Cost Maine
  • Metal Roofing Cost Maine
  • Vinyl Siding Cost Maine

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What Type Of Work Does David Deschaine Specialize In?

What we specializes in is working on residential homes exteriors Installing roofing and vinyl siding, Which includes complete roof Replacement andrRoofing repairs. we also install vinyl siding with custom metal work on the outside of the home includes wrapping the Windows trim, soffit and fascia. basically we make your home's exterior maintenance free, and that's what people want today - they don't want to spend time maintaining the home is one enjoy the weekends the family and friends.

Roofing And Vinyl Siding Is Our Core Business

we have now installing insulated vinyl siding which saves people money immediately, it not only looks beautiful and will last a lifetime but will give you energy savings for a lifetime. The government did have some tax credits or available couple years ago for people that were installing energy-saving products, and either way this will make your home more comfortable save you money and never needs painting which saves you more money. Call us today if you have any questions about installing insulated R-5 rated vinyl siding to your home. Some of our past clients that we've installed this beautiful insulated siding for says the home is more comfortable, and it's quieter inside from the exterior noise from the outside.

Replacement Windows And Doors

Replacement Windows and doors Are very important as part of your exterior home energy-saving package, your Windows will lose most of the heat or air conditioning their because they are the largest opening on the exterior walls. We install energy-saving replacement Windows that are made with argon gas and low E there really can make a huge difference on your energy savings. installing new doors can make a huge difference from cold air drafts, and as part of a complete vinyl siding package strongly recommend replacing all the exterior doors, and in the reason is because the vinyls there for a lifetime. The last thing you want to do is to replace doors after you put lifetime vinyl siding on your home, and that's where our experience takes over within a help you for the long run. give us a call today At (207) 774-9200 or Click Here to schedule your free in-home estimate


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Roofing, Siding, Repairs, Installations, Replacement, New Roof, New Siding, Shingles, Asphalt, Metal Roofs, Vinyl Siding, Ice & Snow Removal, Maintenance

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