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Roof Estimate In Maine with the famous David Deschaine who is a local roofer in the greater Portland. ME area. We offer the highest quality residential roofing, vinyl siding, and why commercial flat roofing jobs homeowners and businesses throughout southern Maine. If you need to have a roof repair done, and you're not sure who you should call think about how many times you have it see David Deschaine on the television, at the movie theater, or on the radio you know the name Keep Out The Rain call David Deschaine.


For over 25 years we have offered complete roof installations, some of our roofing jobs have included adding new skylights to bring in natural light, installing roofing shingles to areas full blowoffs from windstorms or other storm related issues. Our roofing technicians are some of the finest craftsmen you will find in the Portland Maine area and we do roofing work in Yarmouth, Falmouth, Wells, Scarborough and any area within the 15 to 20 mile radius from the greater Portland area.

Roofing In Portland Maine

Recently will done a lot of roofing work of the Sebago Lakes region, and found that many of these roofs required complete tear-off and replacement prematurely. The cause of the problem is ventilation, and improper installation which was caused by no ventilation along the ridge line which we added ridge vent, there was no underlayment applied to the roof decking. We do find building contractors just apply the roofing shingles over the plywood, they never use any type of underlayments, and they nail the roofing shingles directly to the plywood without any waterproofing underlayment.

Roofing In Maine With Dave Deschaine

The benefit of working with David Deschaine roofing and siding which is located insult Portland Maine, you will have the finest craftsmen installing your new roof, vinyl siding or seamless aluminum gutters. All of our workmen pride themselves on high quality workmanship which last a lifetime. If you need a free roofing estimate call David Deschaine at 7749 200 or you can go to our free estimate form here on the website and pick a time that we can get together and review your project. We do have a lot of satisfied homeowners that we have install new roofs, new vinyl siding, new seamless gutters, and new replacement Windows throughout all over the Portland Maine area.

I will do eveything the same as David Deschaine does, only Cheaper - Sure They Will?

Now that you are ready to have a roof estimate in Maine and you know the person you should call is David Deschaine. We have a great time installing these new roofs for homeowners and we invite you to give us a call so we can show you how a professional roofing contractor takes care of us customers. Don't just hire a local Maine roofing contractor that offers the lowest price, and then the roofer Says "I will do eveything the same as David Deschaine does, only Cheaper" because it's just not true, they may be able a buy the same roofing materials, but when I give you a roof estimate in Maine is backed up by a name you can trust.


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