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Welcome To New Roofing Maine a website that has been deticated to home owners in southern ME. If you need a new roof or even a minor roof repair we can take care of that for you. We install asphalt and metal roofing to both residential and light commercial properties. As a property owner it is important for you to hire the best roofing contractor who will complete the job on time, and on budget.

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Whether or not your roof is deterorioating, or the shingles may be cupping or clurling call us and we will give you a free roof inspection during our appointment. Remember you should always hire the best local Maine roofing contractor in order to get quality work completed on your roof. Take your time when searching for the top contractor around to be sure your roof repair or replacement will be done with quality installation services.


Maine Roofing Gutters Help Against Erosion

Most people need Maine roofing gutters to help against the back splash off the roof, and this is more important when you have a two-story building like a colonial, split-level ranch with some house structure where the water really pulls off eaves more than one story. During the last few years gutters have become more popular because of all the torrential rains we have had along the coast of Maine, and when we install new roofs we always offer seamless aluminum gutters to help with this problem.

Gutters are usually made with a seamless machine that custom makes this product using an extrusion of aluminum coil, and you can have up to 15 colors available from both manufacturer and local distributor. You also can have downspouts to match and we use zip screws to hold the downspouts together. Some people use rivets and we do use those occasionally but if they loosen up we like to be a little tight them up quickly with as it, and if somebody needs to change out a downspout because they get hit by a lawn mower something it's easily done.

Roof Installation Services, Re-Roofing and Roofer Repair

If you're interested in looking at some Maine roofing gutters give us a call today and we will come over and measure the property and find out exactly how much it will cost to put these brand-new gutters on your home. Our installs some of the finest craftsmen around, and our gutter technician has been the industry for at least six years, and now is the leader in seamless gutters in southern Maine. Our roofing technicians always add what is called right flow drip edge to bring the water off the roof eave, and into the gutter. A lot of roofing contractors don't do this step and end up getting leaks behind the gutters.


Anyway anyone who is looking to stop the erosion around the base of the foundation, and would like to talk to one of our gutter specialist, simply fill out the Free Estimate Form here on the website, and one of our office personnel will contact you to go over our scheduling to meet with you. A lot of the times leakage in the basement is caused from water coming off the roof and training rate down against the foundation, and this can be reduced by adding brand-new Maine Roofing Gutters.

Don't take a chance with someone that doesn't have the experience, or lacks knowledge from roofing or gutter installations that could just be wasting your money. You know that when you do something right the first time it adds value to your home, and when you do high-quality work to your home it's going to increase the value of your home. If you've ever had water in your basement, or looks like your gutters are leaking or in need of replacement all you have to do is simply pick up the phone give David Deschaine a call and we will take care everything, really one call does it all in the home improvement business, we install roofing, vinyl siding, seamless aluminum gutters and replacement Windows.

Roofing Products and Roof Replacement Services

Three dimensional asphalt shingles are the more popular choice for homeowners, and offer a more eye-pleasing effect with a longer lifespan than traditional asphalt shingles. Although they tend to cost more it is an economical choice in roofing materials. Tile and slate roofing is also aesthetically pleasing, but with a lifespan of up to 100 years. Unfortunately these materials can be quite expensive and usually require structural support because of their heavy weight. If a tile or slate roof is not installed correctly, the risk of leaking will increase, and often finding a leak in a tile roof is a challenge.


Metal Roofing is among the popular choices in roof replacement - especially in dealing with Maine weather. A decent metal roof can last a homeowner around forty to fifty years. Copper for example has a 100 year life expectancy as a roofing material. This can be costly, but metal roofing requires little maintenance meaning no extra expense on maintaining the roof especially in the winter - Call David Deschaine at (207) 774-9200 or Click Below!

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