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Two Simple Steps to Protecting your Roof

Two Simple Steps to Protecting your Roof for folks living in Maine, and they know that keeping a well maintained roof free from broken or missing shingle, damaged soffits and fascia boards, and an overall clean and debris-free surface is one of the more important responsibilities of the homeowner.


Mainers also understand that it’s not always easy or even possible; damaging winds from hurricanes, surface damage from ice storms, and even the occasional tornado can keep a Maine homeowner hopping. So what can homeowners in the northeast do to protect their families, themselves, and their investment? Let’s look at a couple of quick, easy ways to keep your roof secure when bad weather comes calling.

Northeast Maine Roofing Structures

If you’ve been a homeowner in the northeast for any length of time chances are you’ve already got a collection of home improvement tools specific to either your range of experience or current improvement projects you’ve started; if ladders are in this collection then you’re good to go on this tip. Two-stage extension ladders are indispensable for inspecting your siding and your roof tiles; while it’s possible to get a glance at your roof from a distance, it’s important you get up close and personal. High winds, hail, and broken tree limbs can all do damage to your roof that may not be visible from the safety of your backyard. Setting your ladder high enough to just eyeball the surface of your roof tiles may be all that’s necessary to determine whether you need the services of a licensed roofing contractor.

Safety should always be your first concern when climbing ladders; always be wary of power lines coming in to your home and contact your power company to request they come and “wrap” your lines close to where you’ll be inspecting or working. If there’s any doubt or concern, or if you’re just not comfortable on ladders, simply contact your local roofing contractor and ask about this inspection service.

Check those Maine Grown Trees

There’s no way around it: living in Maine means being surrounded by trees (this tip applies more to folks in rural areas). Some of the trees in our state have been around for quite some time and are pretty tall. If they’re close enough to your house then chances are the reach of their branches extends out and over your roof, or at least close enough for potential damage during high winds. Removing these types of large, overhanging branches is a job more suited to a professional.

Maine has specific laws regarding timber and forestry and with so many home built using lumber the roofing structure is all framed using the spruce or pre-fabricated roof trusses. David Deschaine has built many homes in the local Portland, Maine area and has many new roofing jobs all over southern Maine.

Protecting your roof from the elements is an important job for homeowners in Maine; your roof is your homes first line of defense, and keeping it well-maintained throughout the year is an important responsibility. Contact us because we are you local roofing contractor for more information on a new roofing quote and our other home improvement services.

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