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With some initial investment homeowners that are working with Roofing Contractors in Portland, ME today can help you conserve energy and save you money by applying green technologies to your home. Replacing windows, installing foam-backed seamless vinyl siding, adding solar panels, and renovating the roof can significantly reduce both heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Currently the federal government and the state of Maine are offering tax credits and extra financing options for these kind of projects.

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Old, poorly sealed, single pane windows common in older Maine homes can let in drafts year-round and let out heat in the winter. New vinyl or wood double pain krypton impregnated replacement windows better insulate your home with Roofing Contractors in Portland, ME. They keep the air conditioning in and the heat out in the summer, and retain the heat and keep out the frigid air in winter. The average cost of a single replacement window installed ranges between $200 to $800, but the costs per window go down the more you install. You can expect to save between ten and fifteen percent on your heating and cooling costs each year.

Green Roofing In Maine

Old, warped, cracked or buckling wooden siding or old, gapped, warped vinyl siding provides ample space for moisture to get in your home and cause rot. It also lets air-conditioning and heat escape, making your home much less energy efficient. Foam-backed replacement vinyl siding is your best bet to shore up your home and reduce heating costs. On average for a 1250 sq. ft. home, foam-backed vinyl siding should cost around $14,000. It can reduce your heating and cooling costs up to twenty percent, while also increasing the resale value of your home.

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A solar system added to your home can produce electricity from sunlight and store it in batteries for use when you need. If you produce more electricity than your home uses, the power company will issue you a credit for the following month. A medium-sized solar panel system consists of about 20 panels and costs around $10,000 before installation. There is a federal rebate available, which would bring the materials cost down to nearly $7000. Installation costs vary, but Maine homeowners could expect to pay up to $500 per panel or another $10,000 for this medium system.


Before adding a solar system for your roof, you need to make sure your roof is up to task. Missing shingles should be replaced, holes fixed, and the entire roof checked for structural integrity. Solar panels add around three pounds per sqaure foot, so your roof needs to be able to handle that extra weight.

Working With The Best Roofer In Maine

Your roof itself can be renovated to make it more energy efficient. Many homes today have asphalt shingle roofs, which soak up the heat from the sun, making the home warmer during the hot months of the summer. If your roof has not been properly maintained, it may be letting in water and intemperate outdoor air, while letting out temperate indoor air. Green roofing tends to be the most energy efficient roofing option, but isn’t right for all homes. Cool metal roofing is the next best thing.

By making small changes to your home and investing in its energy efficiency, you can save big money over the long-term. The tax credits and financing options make it an even more attractive option from Roofing Contractors in Portland, ME.

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