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Roof Repairs In Portland, Maine

Roof repairs in Portland, Maine are one of our specialties and we take care of homeowners that have an water damage, snow and ice dams and most importantly give a free roof inspection to make sure that the roofing materials that are on the roof a solid. Will we get a call from a homeowner that the roof is leaking in that like us to come over and fix the leak, we offer our service call that will give our customer a real roofer with all the products and materials needed to fix that repair.


When you need a repair done is no sense in sending this sales guy over to look at the roof, our roofing technicians are highly versed in all aspects of roofing repairs, roof replacement, chimney flashing replacement or any other asphalt or metal roofing material needed to get this leak fixed. We primarily operate in the southern Maine area, and occasionally going to central Maine depending upon the work needed, or the urgency to help someone in need.

In Need Of Roof Repairs In Portland Maine

Not every roof job can be repaired, sometimes when our service technician arrives onto the property they find the roof is totally deteriorated, and there's no way can be repaired. At that time our service technician will let the homeowner no dating new roof placement is required, and any service charge that was applied will be credited towards a complete roof installation. Our roof technician has been trained to measure the roof accurately, get a detailed description of what needs to be done written onto a contract or proposal. At that time the service technician will call the office or David Deschaine personally to find out what the cost is going to be for the square footage of the roof or just have a roof repair.


At that time our roofing technician will present the information to the homeowner, and offer the products needed like architectural roofing shingles which is currently our primary brand and style that we use on most of our new roof installations. We also can offer a metal roofing package which includes tear-off of the old roofing material, installation of a high temperature roofing underlayment in your choice of hidden fastener metal roofing panels, or exposed fastener metal roofing panels that has been proven to prevent ice dams or required roof shoveling which could be dangerous during the winter months.

Leaks In The Roof Cause Damage And Cost Money

People like knowing that they have a roofing company in Portland Maine that will come out do the repair, yes there is a billing charge from a level I, level II, level III roofing repairs that include all the materials needed to do these repairs. The roofing service technicians that we have working for the company are all experienced roofers that have many years experience, and we can usually get the repair or service call completed within one or two days that will take care of any issue on the roof.

We Will Take Care Of Everything!

So fill out the free estimate form here on the website, or call the office and we will talk with you about what type of problem you're having. And offer a solution to get the services or roof repair completed before you continue will have more interior water damage. When you contact David Deschaine at our New Roofing Maine website you were talking with a true professional, and you are going get the respect you deserve and quality service you expect call us today at roof repairs in Portland Maine at 774-9200

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