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If you need a Maine Roofing Contractor the name to call for your new roof is David Deschaine located in South Portland, ME. For over 25 years David Deschaine has provided high-quality roofing installations along the coast of Maine delivering only the best products. Over the last 10+ years we have completed thousands of roofs, and if you live in Yarmouth Maine, Falmouth Maine, Windham Maine, Scarborough Maine, Wells Maine, Westbrook Maine you probably have seen some of the work we have completed.


David Deschaine Is A Maine Select Shingle Roofer

How was a roof installed, if you have a leak chances I you are experiencing some interior water damage, most of the time just by adding a new roof that will eliminate any additional damages to the interior of the home, but you should have a air-quality specialist take a look at any black mold or anything you may be questioning as mold spores. When the interior the home begins to get wet the chance of mold growth is greater than just standard day-to-day activity ,which still permeates up to 3 gallons of water from each person daily.

Hire The Best Maine Roofing Contractor

If you live in an area that has heavy snow and ice build up on your roof, and in your house is more than 20 years old chances you don't have the adequate ventilation for your attic, or any type of ice and water shield along the eaves overhangs under flashing for any problem areas that might occur from ice dams. Now that you know you need new roof the question lies as, what do you do about getting a Maine Roofing Contractor to your property, and getting one of the best in the area to do the work.

Go online and search Google or one of the other search engines for a roofing contractor in your area and do some background research just to check out some of the reviews, customer interaction or any other websites like Angie's list, Better Business Bureau and some other ones that offer reviews on a company. A lot of the sites get spam by other roofers who want to try to knock out the competition by creating fake customer reviews, and adding a bunch of negative information to try to hurt the company, that they can't beat in the sales process or jealous of what volume they're doing. It's pretty bad that some roofing contractors have to badmouth the competition to try to get work, it's embarrassing for those people - We Believe In Honesty and Quality Work!


But regardless be careful when you're doing your interviews, ask for references, insurance, and any credentials that they might have. Just be careful one other contractors say I do the same work is that guy, what I do it cheaper. If the price is less something is being left out of the equation, I would rather pay someone to do a good job than worry about what they using for products, or if the workmen that are actually doing the job are insured. A few years ago I had a roofing contractor somehow get a copy of my insurance, and added their name to my policy. They simply whited out my name and type their name in with the computer, and print off a copy.

Maine Roofing Repairs & New Roof Installations

A homeowner called me and said that they had contacted a local Maine Roofing Contractor in old Orchard Beach Maine, and they called the insurance agent listed on the certificate of insurance they had provided, just to verify that the insurance was valid, and the insurance agent said that's not his policy, it's David Deschaine's insurance policy. I could not believe it when my insurance agent called me and told me this, this is a true story. I laugh every time homeowner tells me hey Dave will go on with this other guy, and we want to thank you for coming and then showing us what products to use this does go do it cheaper, of course I have to drive by the job once it's completed and I look at the workmanship, that isn't even close to the quality workmanship we install it David Deschaine roofing and siding. Thank you very much for reading my blog post and if you need a free estimate on roofing or vinyl siding, replacement windows or seamless gutters simply fill out the free estimate form here on the page and me, or one of my sales staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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