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How to Find a New Roofing Contractor in Maine

If you need a minor roof repair or a full roof replacement, as a homeowner it is important to hire the best contractor for the type of work. Whether or not your roof is falling completely apart you should still hire the best local contractor in order to get quality work completed on your roof. Take your time when searching for the top contractor around to be sure your roof repair or replacement will be done with quality service.

Finding a Licensed and Insured Contractor in Portland Maine

Your first step is to find a licensed and certified contractor. Contractors who have these licenses are also going to be insured in the state, and can provide excellent workmanship. A licensed contractor will also give a guarantee on their work upon being hired, making them liable for any issues after the job, and at no cost to the homeowner. Having the correct licenses and certification ensures that the best quality work is going to be performed on your home.

After this you must next get written quotes and estimates for the job. Generally, a homeowner should contact 3 to 5 licensed contractors and get quotes from each to determine the services they must perform on your roof. Having these written quotes will give you the opportunity to compare prices of professional contractors and find out which companies you can rely on.


The next step is to contact referral services and ask friends and family about the contractors you have gotten quotes from. You may want to consider hiring the company with the most referrals and best regards in your area. Online reviews on the companies you have contacted are also helpful in picking the best contractor. Of course, the contractor with the best reviews and referrals is most likely the best choice to go with.

Maine New Roofing Contractors and Roof Replacements

If the price, licenses, guarantees and reviews of your chosen contractors are overall equal, your best option is to go with your gut feeling. The contractor you hire is going to be working around your home and belongings, so in the end you must choose who you feel most comfortable and safe with. Going with the contractor whose work you trust most to perform a roof repair or replacement will be the determining factor above all others.

If you follow these steps before hiring a contracting company for a roof repair or roof replacement you will find the best and most experienced company, no matter how big or small the job is.

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